Kitten Clings to Family Cat and Shadows Him Everywhere, Getting Himself Adopted in the Process

A kitten clung to a family cat and shadowed him everywhere, getting himself adopted in the process.

Waffles and StevieJamieMyers

A tiny orange kitten was brought into an animal shelter, desperately needing help. He was in poor shape, and his eyes were ravaged by infection.

“The folks at our local shelter (SpokAnimal) saw value in his life and they saved him. They performed life-saving surgery to remove both of his eyes and asked me if I would like to foster him,” Jamie Myers shared with Love Meow.

With open arms, she welcomed the tabby into her care, and syringe-fed him when he was too frail to eat or drink.

sweet kitten blind eatingJamieMyers

She kept him company around the clock, becoming his constant source of comfort and reassurance. Three days later, the kitten, Stevie, perked up and was strong enough to eat on his own.

With his improved appetite, his energy soared, and he started to play with toys.

blind kitten playingJamieMyers

His rotund belly and boundless energy made him an unstoppable force, ready to join other kitties in their playful escapades.

Stevie adored his feline friends, but his heart gravitated towards Waffles, a cat who radiated warmth, understanding, and an unspoken bond.

snuggly cat kittenThey became instant friendsJamieMyers

He started shadowing Waffles everywhere around the house, and lay beside or on top of him when he napped.

The bigger he grew, the more curious he became about the world around him. He trailed behind Waffles, eagerly taking in every detail of his new territory.

cat kitten climbs chairWaffles taught Stevie how to climb the chairJamieMyers

Once Stevie mapped out the layout of a room, he navigated it with confidence. With guidance and encouragement from Waffles, he was able to scale a big chair alongside his best friend.

Waffles was very gentle with his little brother from another mother. He took him under his wing and taught him how to be a cat.

cat kitten snugglesThey are always together, like two peas in a podJamieMyers

The next step was to master the stairs. Stevie wasn’t afraid of any challenges as he bounded up the stairs with unwavering confidence.

Once he reached the summit, he paused to devise a plan for navigating his way back down.

blind kitten stairsStevie figured out the stairs like a champJamieMyers

Once he memorized all the steps, he was able to ascend and descend with ease. His blindness never held him back.

He often nestles on the stairs with his paws tucked neatly beneath him, immersing himself in the symphony of sounds that fill his world.

kitten loafing stairsJamieMyers

Drawn to the warmth radiating from the heat vent, Waffles led Stevie to their new napping spot. They curled up together in a comforting hug.

Waffles’ gentle and affectionate nature makes Stevie feel loved. He cleans the kitten and tolerates his playful wrestling with his tail.

cat kitten cuddlingThey found a new favorite napping spot by the heat ventJamieMyers

With remarkable precision, the smart blind kitty can control a ping pong ball with his feet, as if playing soccer.

When he scampers around the room with the ball dribbling between his paws, his best friend keeps a watchful eye from the sideline.

sweet blind kitten cuteJamieMyers

Jamie fosters both kittens and tiny humans. Stevie often comes to offer his “help” by inspecting the crib and the rocker with his incredible sense of smell.

He likes to “test” or “warm up” the chair before use.

kitten helper rockerJamieMyers

The wonder kitten came into Jamie’s life, needing a lot of TLC. “I knew from the moment I saw him that we were his forever family,” Jamie told Love Meow.

After a long journey, Stevie has made a full recovery, found his best friend and the perfect forever home.

cat kitten blind best friendsJamieMyers

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