Tips to Reduce Stress for Vet Visits with Your Cat

Taking a cat to the vet can be a daunting task, both for the pet and the owner. Cats are highly sensitive to changes in their environment, and the unfamiliar smells and sounds of a veterinary clinic can worsen their stress and anxiety. This makes the journey to the vet and the visit itself particularly challenging. So, how can cat owners reduce the stress and anxiety during vet visits?

“Many of us firmly fall into the cat lovers category, but even as feline fans, there are times when our cats can drive us crazy” says James Whitten, Marketing Manager at petGuard. Leading pet insurer petGuard shares effective tips on how to ease vet visits anxiety in cats.

Vet home visits

Cats are very particular about their territory and smells that they associate with home, so taking them to a new location which smells of other animals and various chemicals is part of the problem. If a cat is showing signs of anger or aggression, then asking a vet for a home visit can be a huge help.


The saga of a vet visit with a particularly angry cat falls into two components – getting the cat to the vet, then dealing with them once they’re on the vet’s table. If having trouble getting a cat into its cat box in the first place, it makes a lot of things tricky – not just vet visits but any transportation.

It can be effective for cat owners to help their cats view the cat box as an appealing place. They should take the box out from storage and leave it where the cat can get used to it and sniff it. Once the cat is used to the box, owners can place treats inside to encourage the cat to explore. A cautious cat may only put a paw in at first but will venture further over time.

Safety first

Cat scratches and bites can be painful, but they pose a greater threat too. Cats can carry nasty germs and bacteria that cause infections like the Cat Scratch Disease, which can be life-threatening. When handling an aggressive cat, it is advisable to wear gardening gloves and a thick jumper. Keep the cat away from the face and try to handle it in a calm and firm manner. Cats can pick up on stress, so the calmer one is, the better the situation is likely to go.

“There are many things cat owners can do to make a vet appointment seem more appealing to their cat. However, it is important to put the safety of yourself and your cat first” warns Whitten.

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