2023 in Review and Exciting Plans for 2024: Cat Blog’s Milestones, Growth, and Future Goals

Hi everyone,

We can’t believe that yet another new year is upon us now!

Lots has been happening for us in 2023 and we hope that 2024 will be even more exciting for us and all of you following our cat blog.

2023 in Review:

  • Between our Blog, Apple & Google News apps our Blog now reaches over 1.8 million unique visitors reading a massive 9.4 million articles a month! Fancy joining us as a contributor? We will link to your blog to help people learn about you. Email us!
  • Our online shop has kept us especially busy over the last 3 months so you may have noticed slightly less poss for us. The cat toys of our partner 4cats have also seen a huge new range which is now available in our Blog Shop

Plans for 2024:

  1. Get back into a twice daily posting schedule and feature yet more tummy rub tuesday poss!
  2. Involve more of our community by allowing guest articles on further topics!
  3. Post more stories of our own cats again. 😀

  • Fancy joining us as a contributor? We will link back to your blog to help people find out about you. Email us!
  • We have restarted our event appearence in limited numbers. It was a bit of a shock to be back out after having only done our Blog Shop for so long but it was great to see friends again and make new ones.
  • In fact our Blog Shop has yet further expanded and now includes over 1000 different items for cat lovers & cat owners as well as yoto for children. And we even have a limited range of dog products now. We of course greatly appreciate all of you who make purchases on our shop as it helps us run our publication with as little advertising as possible.

So what are your own plans for 2022?!? Let us know in the comments! ?



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