4 Kittens Who Live Outside and Don’t Want to Be Touched, Have the Cutest Change of Heart

Four kittens who lived outside and didn’t want to be touched, had the cutest change of heart.

Pumpkin, Spice, Boo and CasperAngela

At the end of last month, four kittens arrived at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital ER, huddled up together with their hearts pounding out of their chests.

They had been living in the outdoors and found without a mother. At five weeks old, they were very wary of people, keeping them at bay with hisses and spits, and frantically trying to hide.

Yolo County SPCA offered to take them. Their foster volunteer, Angela, picked up the scaredy clowder and provided a safe and warm home for them.

kittens shy carrierThey were found outside without a momAngela

Angela ensconced the frightened kittens in a quiet, relaxing space and gave them time to decompress.

They came out of their carrier hunched over with their hair standing on end and ears flattened against their heads. When they found a box to hide in, they pressed against each other for solace while staring at their foster mom with saucer eyes.

hissy shy kittensThey were very scared when they arrived in foster careAngela

If Angela inched forward, they would sound the alarm with a wave of hisses.

“They probably hadn’t been around people before. They would try to hide behind the litter box and hiss whenever someone got too close or tried to pet them,” Angela shared with Love Meow.

hissing tabby kittenThey hissed and spat and wouldn’t let anyone pet themAngela

When their anxiety started to subside, Angela came in with an irresistible offer – cat treats. Pumpkin, one of the tabbies, begrudgingly took a bite and found herself devouring more.

As she lapped up the food, her eyes widened in bliss and her fear melted away.

shy kittens trying treatsThen Angela brought them treatsAngela

The other kittens (Boo, Spice and Casper) worked up their courage to get their own little taste of heaven.

“The kittens quickly realized that humans were not so bad after all. They went from hissing at me to meowing at me whenever I entered the room,” Angela told Love Meow.

kittens huddled upThey started to relax, and their fear began to melt away with every bite of treatsAngela

“They purr as soon as I pet them. Sometimes, Casper (the gray kitten) will start purring as soon as he sees me.”

Casper and Boo became the braver of the four. With them leading the way, Spice and Pumpkin felt encouraged to seek affection, explore and play with new toys. Their adventurous side emerged as they eased into the cushy indoor life

happy purring kittensThey started to enjoy being petted and discovered their loud purr motorsAngela

“It took Spice the longest to warm up to me. She hissed and spat the most at first. She was very scared.”

“She slowly came out of her shell with the help of playtime and food. It felt like such an accomplishment when Spice started purring for the first time. She’s been the sweetest kitten ever since.”

sweet kittens want attentionNow they demand attention whenever they see their foster momAngela

In less than two weeks, the foursome have transformed into a joyful bunch, demanding attention and treats from their people, cavorting around the playpen without a care in the world.

vocal kittens demandingThey aren’t shy about voicing their opinionsAngela

Boo is the most avid “biscuit-maker” of the litter. Her little paws move in a rhythmic dance, while she purrs contentedly with her eyes half-closed, soothing the blanket and anyone within earshot.

cute kitten kneadingBoo is a masterful “biscuit-maker”Angela

The once fearful kittens have blossomed into an ensemble that is emanating affection, confidence and joy.

They greet their foster mom with a headbutt of adoration and turn their room into a purring oasis.

happy smiley kittenAngela

“When I pet one kitten, the others will come meowing and asking for pets, too.”

sweet kitten lap catAngela

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