Cat is Her Playful Self Again and Insists on Being the ‘Queen of the Castle’ after Being Saved by Kind People

An 8-year-old cat is her playful self again after being saved by kind people. She insists on being the “queen of the castle.”

Jalapeno aka PepperTheOddCatSanctuary

About two months ago, the Odd Cat Sanctuary received a plea to help a cat desperately needing placement. The rescue didn’t hesitate to take her on and offer a soft landing.

With almost no teeth and a healed broken jaw, the cat came with a permanent “blep” – her tongue sticks out constantly. “She realized she was safe when she got to the Odd Cat Sanctuary and knew we would take all the time needed to find her forever people,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

They lovingly named her Jalapeno (aka Pepper). Once she warmed up to the volunteers, she was friendly, offering slobbery kisses and nuzzling against them for attention.

sweet cat tongue blepTheOddCatSanctuary

With a comfortable home and people to keep her company, Jalapeno’s playful side and personality began to shine. “She’s about eight years old and loves to play fetch. She’s playful, snuggly and affectionate.”

As soon as she realized she was safe, she just wanted to have fun. Despite everything she’d gone through, she continued to trust and enjoy life.

snuggly cat tongue blepTheOddCatSanctuary

Having plenty of space to run around, her inner kitten quickly emerged. She seized every opportunity to interact with her foster carer, chasing after a wand toy and having the time of her life.

“She loves to snuggle and play with her people, but she’s also content to curl up and just hang out near you.”

cute cat blep tongueShe has a permanent “blep” – her tongue sticks out constantlyTheOddCatSanctuary

With the help of Dr. Rachel Geller, a cat behavior specialist, they corrected her litter box issues. Jalapeno continued to thrive in foster care through love and patience, and she blossomed into a joyful cat with a heart for adventure.

When she met her foster mom, Chely, she made an immediate impression on her.

sweet cat tongue blepTheOddCatSanctuary

She crawled onto her chest and sat beside her face to get up close and personal. “Chely loves her sweet, playful nature and young-at-heart attitude.”

Jalapeno’s mischievous side brings smiles and laughter into the household.

funny cat sitting on faceJalapeno likes to sit on her foster mom and be loved and spoiledTheOddCatSanctuary

Even though she gets along with other kitties, she prefers being “the queen of the castle” and the one and only. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, she looks as if she’s perpetually plotting the next antic.

“She loves to play and chase strings and mouse toys. She has the cutest little blep and has got lots of love to give.”

cute cat tongue blepPlotting her next anticTheOddCatSanctuary

Jalapeno came from a rough past but healed and triumphed into a happy, lively, playful gal. At eight years old, she is still a kitten at heart and has many endearing qualities that light up every room she graces.

“She might take a few days to warm up to new people, but once she does, she rewards you with lots of cuddles.”

cute gray catTheOddCatSanctuary

Jalapeno unapologetically demands what she wants – play time and cuddles. She likes to get in the face of her human and won’t take no for an answer. In return, she gives them love tenfold.

snuggly cat happyShe’s always ready for a cuddleTheOddCatSanctuary

With a second chance, Jalapeno has got her playful spirit back. She fills the room with her presence and makes the sweetest companion, confidant, and snuggle buddy.

cute cat tongue blepHappy and lovedTheOddCatSanctuary

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