Cat Stood Outside Kind Neighbor’s Door with a Feline Buddy so Both Could Have Food and Better Lives

A cat stood outside a kind neighbor’s door with a feline buddy so both could have food and better lives.

Domino the catPuppyKitty NYCity

A cat named Domino wandered into a yard and received food from a kind neighbor, and he kept coming back. He was friendly, hungry, and had roamed the streets for some time.

Without a home to go to, Domino made regular visits to the neighbor’s door, asking for sustenance. And in return, he showered the neighbor with purrs and nuzzles.

Around mid-fall, he showed up outside with a tiny friend, a black kitten, screaming for his share of nourishment.

stray cat kitten doorDomino showed up at a neighbor’s door with a feline buddyPuppyKitty NYCity

Domino was a social, confident cat who didn’t belong on the streets. He meowed at the top of his lungs for attention, nudging the neighbor’s hand with his nose.

His feline buddy, Kiltz, followed him around, trying to keep up.

stray cat kittenHe was friendly, asking for food and attentionPuppyKitty NYCity

“He was patiently awaiting his forever home to come around,” Puppy Kitty NYCity, a local animal rescue, shared.

As it turned out, Domino and his buddy came to the right place to seek help. The kind neighbor is a volunteer for Puppy Kitty NYCity. While she kept them fed, she worked alongside her rescue to get them both off the streets.

sweet stray cat rescueDomino was finally off the streetsPuppyKitty NYCity

“Domino was living in a backyard in Queens before he was rescued. He was a sweetheart even on the street.”

With the support of the public, they were able to scoop up both kitties and arrange for transport and vet appointments for them.

cute panther kittenKiltz the kittenPuppyKitty NYCity

Domino had never met a stranger and was immediately friendly with everyone he encountered. His personality truly shone indoors as he demanded attention from volunteers, wrestled with a selection of cat toys, and filled his belly to the brim at mealtime.

“He is super affectionate. It’s like having a teddy bear who will give you endless actual cuddles.”

snuggly fluffy tuxedo catPuppyKitty NYCity

Kiltz, the beautiful kitten with large eyes and a velvety sleek coat, was shy but curious about his new surroundings. He needed a foster home where he could learn to socialize and enjoy the company of people.

With a comfy and quiet room, he began to come out of his shell.

sweet panther Kiltz learned to socialize in a loving foster homePuppyKitty NYCity

“His large expressive eyes radiate a sense of wonder, with a keen eye for crinkly balls and laser pointers.”

While Domino quickly blossomed and became a social butterfly, a man-about-town, Kiltz began to adjust to living as a house cat with the help of his loving foster family.

fluffy tuxedo catPuppyKitty NYCity

“Although initially shy, Kiltz absolutely loves chin rubs and will immediately ignite his purring engine once touched. He is a little black ball of energy that loves to play and will entertain himself for hours swatting around a piece of dog kibble.”

playful panther kittenPuppyKitty NYCity

It didn’t take long for Domino to win over the hearts of a lovely family. Once he was ready to spread his wings and fly, he left the rescue for his forever home, where there would be food, toys, and hugs galore.

Domino will never have to scream outside someone’s door for food and attention now that he has found his heart’s belonging, a place to call home.

fluffy tuxedo catPuppyKitty NYCity

Kilt has bloomed into a boisterous young cat, romping around the place with unbridled energy and newfound confidence. He is ready to find a place of his own.

“He has been being socialized all this time, and he is finally starting to be his true self.”

cute panther kittenPuppyKitty NYCity

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