Cat Took Lonely Kitten in As Her Own, 16 Weeks Later They Got Their Best Wish Together

A cat took a lonely kitten in as her own. 16 weeks later, they got their best wish together.

Julia the tuxedo@ilckenzoo

A tiny kitten was found emaciated and anemic due to being infested with fleas. She lost her cat mother and was in desperate need of help.

When she was brought into care through AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, she was frail and didn’t have the strength to latch onto a bottle. A volunteer, Nadija, pulled an all-nighter, feeding the kitten, drop by drop, every couple of hours.

Slowly but surely, it brought life back into that tiny body.

rescued tiny kitten tuxedoShe was found emaciated and covered in fleas@ilckenzoo

As soon as the kitten perked up, she started seeking affection. It was clear from the start that she was lonesome and longed for a constant companion.

Around that time, another foster carer, Allison, welcomed in a cat mother who needed a safe haven to raise her litter of three.

sweet kitten paws@ilckenzoo

She was completely petrified upon arrival, tucked her tail between her hind legs and barely moved an inch for the first few hours.

With some time to decompress and good food to fill her famished body, she started to leave her “safe space” and explore her new room.

calico cat kittensCamille the cat@ilckenzoo

Once she recognized the kindness of her foster mom, she warmed up to her with slow blinks and purrs. The cat named Camille would hold her precious trio in an embrace when she was petted, keeping them close at all times.

Knowing that the orphaned kitten, Julia, missed having a mother, they decided to introduce her to the nursing mom.

cat mom nursing kittensShe arrived with her trio: a calico, a tortie and a house panther@ilckenzoo

As soon as Camille noticed the new kid on the block, she came trotting over and started washing her face. She then plopped down on the floor and let Julia nurse alongside her own.

Almost immediately the tuxedo figured out how to nurse and even discovered her purr motor. “Julia was so much smaller, but she was scrappy and fighting for her spot at the milkbar,” Allison shared with Love Meow.

cat accepts new kittenCamille took the new kitten in and started loving on her@ilckenzoo

When she filled her belly to the brim, she would join her new siblings in a cozy cuddle-puddle.

With supplemental feedings, Julia began to make great gains, and her energy levels soared. She was thrilled to have other kittens to roughhouse with and a doting mom to nuzzle up to.

cat mom nursing kittenJulia had her mom all to herself@ilckenzoo

Julia stayed within eyesight from her mom and would seek her out whenever it was nap time.

A few weeks later, the kittens were ready to be put up for adoption. The trio subsequently found their forever homes while Julia continued to cling to her mom who showered her with all the love she could supply.

cat kisses kitten@ilckenzoo

“Camille is an incredible kitty and so deserving of the same unconditional love she’s given to Julia,” Allison added. “Julia may have lost her birth mom, but she has the most amazing mom now.”

The hope was to find the mother and daughter a loving home together. After 16 weeks sharing a foster home, a couple showed up at their door for a meet-and-greet.

sweet tuxedo kitten cat@ilckenzoo

The couple had learned about their story and knew they would make a perfect addition to their family. “They have a quiet household and a small senior pup, too.”

Five days ago, Julia and Camille officially graduated from foster care and went on to start their new journey together. It didn’t take long before they were venturing around their new home, claiming every nook and cranny.

cat cuddles kittenThey are always cuddling@ilckenzoo

They quickly took a liking to Ellis, the canine member of the family, and started sharing their humans’ bed at night.

When the heavy rain fell three days ago, they cuddled tighter together. “Camille got a little nervous… but we loved up on her, and she has been doing great since,” the couple shared.

kitten cuddles catJulia clings to her mom when she naps@ilckenzoo

“It’s been amazing how quickly they have acclimated and become super happy and comfortable around all of us.”

Julia and Camille are living the best life they’ve always wanted, and they will never be apart.

calico cat beautiful@ilckenzoo

Share this story with your friends. More on Allison’s fosters on Instagram @ilckenzoo and her rescue @animalluvrsdreamrescue.

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