Discover the Extra Wide Bowls by Necoichi for Cats – Prevent Whiskers Fatigue and Cater to Older Feline Friends

Hi everyone,

I’m Mactavish the naughty Peterbald, and today I’m bursting with excitement!

Why, you ask? Well, because I get to showcase our fantastic raised food bowls from Necoichi, and guess what? All of my adorable siblings are here with me too!

The bowl I’m currently using is none other than the extraordinary Mount Fuji Limited Edition extra wide bowl.

Let me tell you, it’s not just a regular bowl; it’s a game-changer! A while ago, our beloved humans shared an insightful article about the importance of these extra wide bowls in preventing the dreaded Whiskers fatigue. Trust me, it’s a must-read!

So, are you ready to dive into the world of Necoichi and discover the wonders of these bowls? Let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together!

And oh my goodness, this design is absolutely precious! But let’s not forget about the most important thing – food, of course. 😉

Rennie: Oh my, that looks absolutely fabulous! 😀 Freya: Please, save a little for me too… 😮

Nubia: Guys, I feel like you’re neglecting me! I want to remind you that I am the oldest cat here and I have only three legs…

But you know what? Despite that, I absolutely ADORE these raised bowls! They are a purrfect for me because I don’t have to bend down at all.

So please, always keep our older feline friends in mind and consider getting one of these adorable designs available for the extra wide bowls. Check out the options here and make the right choice for us!

Mactavish: Wow, as usual, I arrive just in the nick of time for the magnificent food party! Aren’t I lucky?

Mactavish: Oh, my taste buds are in absolute ecstasy! These delectable treats are simply irresistible! 😀 Renegade: *Chewing with absolute delight* And let me tell you, my dear friend, the extra wide bowls are just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless other designs and sizes to choose from, each more captivating than the last!

Renegade: Oh, my furry friend! Can you believe it? These bowls come in all shapes and sizes! We’ve got the large, regular, and even the fancy water bowls! You won’t believe the size of the food bowl I’m rocking with my sister. It’s so gigantic, it could practically double as a swimming pool for mini kitties! Check it out here: large food bowl. It’s a purrfect match for our endless appetite!

Oliver: Hold the phone! Did someone just utter the magical word “food”? I’m all ears (and stomach)!

Freya: Uhm Oli…. there is a queue here… and we were here first…

Oliver: *Chomping* Well, well, well, it seems you’ve finally made it to the end of the line! Freya: Oh noooo! Humans! Can’t you spare another bowl for little wee me? 😀

And to all you human folks checking out this post, make your way to our meowvalous shop where you’ll find a purrfect assortment of bowls by the one and only Necoichi, boasting an array of fancy paw print designs.

And guess what? They’re currently on sale until the end of August with an exclusive 12% off using the super-secret code Oliver.

Signed by,

Their Royal Meowjesties of Katzenworld

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