Do Pet Owners Love Their Pets More Than People? New Study Reveals Surprising Findings

Pets vs people: Do owners love their pets more than people?

  • One in three Brits prefer their pets to their friends

  • One in 10 owners love their pets more than their family members

  • Younger generations have more affection for their pets than other age group

A new study has found that pet owners have more love for their pets than the humans in their lives, with 80% choosing their pets over the people in their lives.[1] Research shows that just over one in 10 pet owners love their animal companions more than their family, while one in three admit that they prefer their pets to their friends.

The research, carried out by Go.Compare Pet Insurance, also found that younger generations generally have a deeper fondness for their pets than other age groups. 34% of those who loved their pets most were aged between 25 and 39.

Meanwhile, the majority of pet owners who said they loved people more than their pets were over the age of 55, showing how the older generations are more likely to cherish their close relationships.

The study follows the celebration of National Pet Wellness Month in October. Despite a large number of UK pet owners announcing their devotion to their pets, Go.Compare says a giant 91% do not have pet insurance.[2]

Ceri McMillan, pet insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “Our research highlights the incredible love that the nation’s pet owners have for their animal companions, meaning that getting cover for your pet is more pertinent than ever. In a recent study of ours, a large quantity of pet owners stated that they didn’t feel pet insurance was worth the money.

“While it isn’t a legal requirement, getting cover for your pets can help protect you against high medical costs in the long run. Most policies cover veterinary treatment for illnesses and incidents, and some policies can cover diagnostic and euthanasia costs for the worst-case scenario. Pet insurance is there as a safety net to prevent you from being caught off guard by surprise medical expenses, which can oftentimes be extremely high.”

More information about the research can be found on Go.Compare’s website.

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