Kitten Appears from Under Stack of Plywood Asking for Help, Once She’s Held, Her World Completely Changes

A kitten appeared from under a stack of plywood asking for help. Once she was held, her world completely changed.

Gemma the kitten@feralcatcolony

About two months ago, Donna, an animal rescuer in OH, received a message about a scrawny little kitten running around in a cat colony by herself. She was first seen under a pile of plywood, crying for help.

The kitten, turned out to have been abandoned, had a severely infected eye and required immediate medical attention. When Donna arrived, she saw the kitten walking and rubbing against the finder’s (Steve) legs.

“I picked her up and in the carrier she went. She did some time on my lap as she was crying in the carrier. Once I held her, she stopped,” Donna shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten meowingShe was found under a pile of plywood in a cat colony@feralcatcolony

Jan, a volunteer, accompanied the kitten at the vet’s office after she was dropped off. The sweet tabby insisted on being held the whole time.

At 1.48 lb, the kitten named Gemma was estimated to be six weeks old. She went to her foster home with Donna to receive the care she needed to thrive. After the ordeal, Gemma curled up next to her foster mom and purred up a storm.

sweet rescued kittenGemma was so happy to be safe@feralcatcolony

“She needed to be plumped up and that was my goal. She was nothing but skin and bones.”

Gemma was eager for affection and smothered her people with head bumps and kisses whenever she was cuddled. She had a purr motor that never seemed to stop running.

sweet sleeping kittenShe snuggled up to her people and fell asleep@feralcatcolony

“I told her she didn’t need to thank me. I told her she was loved and safe and that she would never worry about anything.”

Donna gave the kitten plenty of TLC and a snuggle kitty with a heartbeat, so when she wasn’t around, Gemma would have a buddy to keep her company.

sweet tabby kittenGemma snuggled and purred nonstop at her foster home@feralcatcolony

In less than two weeks, Gemma exceeded the 2-pound mark, gained a healthy, rotund belly, and was ready for her surgery. She was spayed and officially became a one-eyed wonder. She quickly bounced back and felt so much better.

“She was purring the minute I picked her up. She is a gem, the sweetest whittle munchie. Her purrs and biscuits are just heartwarming.”

sweet fluffy tabby kittenHer bad eye was removed, and she quickly bounced back after surgery@feralcatcolony

It didn’t take long for Gemma to be back on her feet, playing, batting at toys and honing her climbing prowess.

She was then upgraded to a more spacious area where she could zoom around vivaciously with her unbridled energy.

playful one eyed kitten@feralcatcolony

When Gemma noticed her human at the computer, she’d gladly come offer a helping paw. She’d play to her heart’s content, and when she tired herself out, she’d come to her people and ask to be held.

“What a transformation she has made. No more icky painful eye. She is extremely thankful and kisses my nose to tell me so.”

one eyed kitten kisses@feralcatcolony

When Gemma was ready for her next chapter, Donna packed her favorite bed, toys and treats in preparation for her exciting new journey.

sweet one eyed kitten@feralcatcolony

“She’s an absolute angel and we thoroughly enjoyed fostering her. Seeing her through the eye and spay surgery, watching her blossom and seeing the resilience is just beautiful to be a part of.”

one eyed tabby kitten gemma@feralcatcolony

Gemma has been adopted to a loving home through Cats Are People, Too! Club, and she’s already giving snuggles, kisses to her forever humans and filling her new home with adorable rumbling purrs.

one eyed tabby kittenGemma has found her forever home@feralcatcolony

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