Kitten Born Days Earlier than Her Feline Sister Becomes Attached, They Mirror One Another and Move as One

A kitten who was born days earlier than her feline sister, became so attached that they mirrored each other and moved as one.

Timmie and Stevie@jinsbottlebabies

A pregnant feral cat was spotted in a cat colony in AZ and desperately needed a safe place to have her kittens.

She was rescued and brought into the care of Jin’s Bottle Babies, a kitten rescue, where a comfortable nursery was set up for her. The cat was extremely wary of people, having had little to no human contact in the past.

Soon after she delivered a tiny cream kitten, she became fiercely protective, keeping everyone at bay. She guarded her singleton tooth and claw, and barely tolerated food service.

cat feral kittenThey were born to a feral cat@jinsbottlebabies

Two days later, the foster parents were in for quite a surprise. Another cream kitten emerged from the nest, poking her head out next to her mom’s belly.

“Their mom was super feral especially once she gave birth to them, so it was extremely difficult to weigh them and make sure they were gaining weight and doing okay,” Shelbi, the foster mom, told Love Meow.

feral cat mom hissingStevie was born two days after Timmie@jinsbottlebabies

Thanks to a live camera, they were able to monitor the feline family to ensure that the kittens were nursing properly and that the mom was eating and drinking enough.

“They were so quiet and content, so we knew they were doing well until we weighed them a couple of times when they were 4.5 weeks old.”

newborn kitten cream@jinsbottlebabies

“Both times they had lost weight, and they started crying more and approaching us when we went in the room. It wasn’t until we got a good look at their mom’s underside one day and saw it didn’t look like she was producing milk.”

It was time to intervene, so the pair of kittens could continue to grow, develop their skills and start socializing.

cream kittens cuteThe feline sisters started to socialize and learn to eat on their own@jinsbottlebabies

The cat mother was then spayed, vetted, and taken to a less stressful environment where she would be fed and looked after by a caretaker.

“Luckily, the kittens went right to eating gruel (a mixture of kitten formula and wet food) and gained the weight they lost quickly.”

cute bonded kittens sistersThey were curious, exploring their room together@jinsbottlebabies

For a while, the foster parents thought the kittens were boys (the cat mom kept them at bay), only to discover that both were girls.

“Timmie was born first and then Stevie (the shorter haired one). Stevie is very attached to Timmie, and she cries when she wakes up and realizes Timmie isn’t in the room. And she cries loudly.”

bonded kittens creamThey are always side by side@jinsbottlebabies

As they inspected every inch of their new space, they moved in sync, their bodies brushing against each other, their tails entwined.

They were ecstatic to join a crew of fosters and have more playmates to roughhouse with. The duo remained within eyesight from each other even when they were cavorting around with other kittens.

kittens playful roomTimmie and Stevie befriended other foster kittens@jinsbottlebabies

The two even yawn at the same time, as if they are connected somehow. When Timmie gets on top of a cat post, Stevie trails right after her, so they can sit together, side by side.

kittens yawning cuteThey mirror each other all the time@jinsbottlebabies

The feline sisters are ready to find their forever home. “They are two peas in a pod. These two buff babies have to go together,” Shelbi shared.

cream kittens bonded sweetThey are completely inseparable and move as one@jinsbottlebabies

Timmie and Stevie are always up for an adventure, as long as they have each other. “They’re going to be great house cats.”

cream kittens sisters fluffy@jinsbottlebabies

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