Kittens Spotted Near a Barn without Cat Mother Now Have Warmth and Comfort Away from the Cold

Kittens spotted near a barn without a cat mother now have warmth and comfort away from the cold.

Piruli and GalopinCOMRescueMontreal

Members of the public found three little kittens near a barn and later discovered that their cat mother succumbed to the harsh realities of living outdoors.

Micheline and Julie couldn’t leave the kittens to fend for themselves and stepped in to rescue them. They got the less fearful but starving tabby quickly. His siblings, however, kept eluding the rescuers until about a week later.

The trio was estimated to be two months old. The tabby brothers, Piruli and Galopin, were nearly twice the size of their gray sister.

kitten rescued at barnThey were found near a barn desperately needing rescueCOMRescueMontreal

They were brought into the care of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a local animal rescue. Despite their best efforts to save them all, the runt of the litter sadly lost her battle with illness. The two remaining kittens began to perk up.

They were cleaned up and treated for an upper respiratory infection and some stomach issues.

kittens barn sweetThe kind people brought the kittens to their local animal rescue for helpCOMRescueMontreal

“They recovered quickly and were able to gain weight and grow,” the rescue shared. “They went to their foster home where they learned to eat kitten food from a dish.”

The two brothers were side by side, like two peas in a pod.

kittens hiding in drawerThe feline brothers are like two peas in a podCOMRescueMontreal

They were pampered with bountiful food and treats and all the blankets at their disposal. “They became such sweet and affectionate kittens. They love to beg for attention from people and would play all day with them if they could.”

They would never have to spend another day hungry or out in the cold as they curled up in their blanket fort, purring up a storm.

sweet kittens blanket snugglesPiruli (dark nose) and Galopin (pink nose)COMRescueMontreal

“Piruli and Galopin look almost identical, each with a different colored nose. Even though they look similar, they are two different characters.”

Piruli is a mischief-maker who wants to play and cuddle whenever possible. He is happy-go-lucky and trails behind his people around the house. “We have to be careful when we walk because he likes to go between our legs.”

cozy snuggly kittensThey love snoozing in their cozy blanket fortCOMRescueMontreal

When it’s evening, Piruli will curl up next to a warm body on the couch or the bed and fill the room with his soothing purrs.

Once the kittens gained access to the rest of the house, they explored in tandem. Standing in front of a TV, they were enthralled by the mesmerizing glow, gazing up at the screen together attentively.

kittens watching tvThe two brothers discovered the big TV and were fascinatedCOMRescueMontreal

“Galopin is a bit cross-eyed, but he’s never clumsy. He is very chatty and loves talking to people. He isn’t shy about sharing his many ‘opinions.’

“When Galopin wants his brother to come over and play, he rolls on his back to give him the signal. They are endearing, lovable, and easygoing.”

playful sweet kittensThe kittens are very playful and affectionateCOMRescueMontreal

The two brothers enjoy romping around the house, chasing each other until their batteries run out. They then nestle together on their human or in a bed on a cat tree to recharge.

The orphaned kittens survived the harsh outdoors and now thrive in a loving home where blankets are plentiful, food is abundant, and love is endless.

sweet kittens COMRescueMontreal

Share this story with your friends. More on the two feline brothers and other cats and kittens like them at Chatons Orphelins Montreal on Instagram and Facebook.

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