Lions and Tigers Enjoyed Pumpkins at Halloween: Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary’s Festive Fun

Who knew it? Lions and tigers enjoed pumpkins at Halloween, too.

Each year at the Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa, things get pawsitively exciting around Halloween as the lions and tigers, rescued from circus and zoos around the world, are given pumpkins to play with.

Jan Creamer, ADI President: “The lions and tigers have huge natural habitats to explore but still enjoy finding anything new to play with. Some just destroy the pumpkins on the spot and others will charge off with them in their mouths as if they are the greatest prize ever! They have endured horrific suffering before coming to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, so it is wonderful to see them loving life.”

This year has been particularly special for a battered old lion called Ruben, who arrived at the sanctuary in late August. Once known as ‘the world’s loneliest lion’, Ruben had been left alone in a concrete cell in a zoo in Armenia. The zoo closed and the animals were removed, but Ruben was left behind, alone for five years.

Ruben’s nutrition and confinement left him with severe walking and balance difficulties, so there’s a serious side to the treats, toys, and fun for all the cats, providing mental and physical stimulation and for Ruben, vital physiotherapy!

ADI supporters donated for the treats and ADI is trying to raise enough for treats through to Christmas!

Watch this year’s big-cat Halloween fun here:

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