Stephen Quandt: Certified Feline Training Specialist and Author of Happy Comes Home

My name is Stephen Quandt, and I am a nationally recognized, certified feline training and behavior specialist, based in New York City. I started working with cats and clients in 2002, and in time began working for the ASPCA. I now work at one of the largest open admission shelters in the country, the Animal Care Centers of NYC. My passion is to create a happier world for cats and the humans who love them, and this passion sparked an idea for my first children’s book; HAPPY COMES HOME.

Avery always wanted a cat and when the family brought their first cat home from the shelter, they thought it would be the happiest day ever, and they named the cat “Happy”. Instead of being a happy day it was a cat-tastrophy! Happy clawed at their furniture, stole dinner off the table, and woke mom and dad up at 4 o’clock in the morning! The parents wanted to return Happy but Happy was Avery’s best friend, so something had to be done. With a little searching they found a certified cat-sultant named Mr. Top Cat who came to their home to help Happy be a happy cat. Happy Comes Home is the story of a family who wanted a cat who would make their cat dreams come true! So begins an adventure of a cat, a child, and a family trying to find the happiness so many of us seek with our feline friends. Would Happy be allowed to stay? Would Happy settle down? The answers lay in the bond between Happy and Avery, and the common sense behavior tools that Mr. Top Cat brought to the family using his deep understanding of the nature of cats.

HAPPY COMES HOME is available at Amazon and Stephen’s website –

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