Why Cats May Choose to Use a Litter Tray: Reasons and Solutions

Even if a cat has unrestricted outdoor access, they may still choose to use a litter tray that has been provided in their indoor environment for many different reasons:

  • Feeling threatened by another neighbourhood cat – this may make the cat feel vulnerable and that it isn’t safe to toilet in the outdoor environment

  • Lack of optimal toileting facilities – if the immediate outdoor space is made of concrete or other impenetrable substances that don’t allow the cat to dig and bury their eliminations

  • Senior cats – stiff and sore joints can make it harder to get outside quickly and access the outdoor toileting area. It can also be painful if there are obstacles, such as stairs or a catflap


Providing ideal toileting facilities ensures cats have the opportunity to express their natural behaviours, avoids distress or discomfort during toileting, and may help prevent any subsequent house soiling problems.

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